Monday, December 29, 2008


If you dont like the heat in my house, the dog, my kids being loud once in a while, the left over meatloaf, the poop that my kid prolly left in the toilet...who I wouldn't expect to clean it....GO FREAKIN HOME ALREADY! Oh and why do I have to go to the store EVERY DAY?? SERIOUSLY! I am REALLY tired of.. can you get his for me...can you get me this...can you, etc.

I think I am to my drawing point where I may end up blurting stuff out I shouldnt. I need help and I hope the social worker on Wed. can help us find some help. Cause I can't do this much longer.
My kids are stressed...its NOT fair to them at all!
Dennis and I are stressed which is not good for our relationship at all.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Holy Crackamoly!!

WOW! In 2 1/2 days I will be Mrs Michelle Kline!! I can't believe this is really happening!! Poor Dennis has been waiting 7 years for me to do this. He has been so patient which is one reason why I want to. Of course there is many more but I will save that mushy stuff for another time!

I am super stoked and almost ready! Hopefully Grace will not come out down the aisle!! Its only 50 feet so I should be good...right???

Hmmm I guess I dont really have much to talk about and its been SO long since I blogged! Happy thoughts...alllll happy thoughts this time though!!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

What to do...what to do...

So a couple of my good friends had got me thinking that I should still have a wedding. Just something more then cake afterwards. Because there are the "what ifs" with my dad. What if after starting chemo he never feels good enough to walk me down that aisle...what if..well you know.

I am torn...I want to but the funds are not looking hot lately. I know I have most of what I need but there are still things that cost alot. On another note...last night I did find out that my sister will probably be staying out here longer thru the holidays and I am so freaking HAPPY!!!!!! So maybe I can do the wedding in early December or something. Although that would prolly mean no gifts this

So I guess I will be pondering this for a while now. UGH!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

So yeah.....

So I am kinda upset.... My dad said to me today that my brother talk to him about still going hunting this month. Which is cool he loves it and has done it since I was little.... not sure if he would actually hunt or just sit out there with the guys. Anyways it makes me mad because I put our wedding on hold but it is ok to still go hunting. I dont even know who I am mad at! Am I being selfish? WTH I just dont like it!

Oh Thankyou Linda!

So Mr Logan has been a handful to say the least! HE has been having a screaming crying fest...happy happy joy joy! His crib is in our room so my dad can sleep in his room while he is here. So I go in my room last night to go to bed..and up pops Logan..I was as quiet as can be too! I also have a fan in there for him..but he still hears me. So he wakes up screaming and crying so I take him out of the crib to sleep in my bed...not what I want to start doing...anyways...he finally falls back to sleep until Dennis came home sometime after midnight. So Dennis takes him into the living room for a while....needless to say he was up alot last night and then up and rareing to go at 630am today!

Yesterday Dennis' mom called and told me if I wanted she could take the kids today for the day or overnight. So I called her today and asked if her offer was still good. She said yes!! YAY!!! So I met her half way with the kids. Poor Lily was crying that she didnt want to go. I felt horrible...cause she is fine here at the house. But I know once she gets there she will be fine. So yay no kids tonight! I told Dennis I am drinking tonight too!! HAHA I SO need some drinks! My dad can hopfully sleep better tonight to!

Well I guess thats all for now...hmm I thought I had more complain about..oh well always another day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh For Cry Eye...

So yesterday was a long day again. Took my mom up to the hospital to see dad...he was doing good. They took him off every We walked with him "around the block" as he likes to call it. Oh on the way to see him I stopped at every walgreens on the way to get him a Chicago Sun-Times paper...also the hospital gift shop and not a single place had them! Apparently everyone needed the paper yesterday!
On the way home I had to stop at Walgreens again to get milk and some things for the house. When we get to my mom takes the milk out of the car but then decides she is going to put it back in...apparently she was going to leave it

Dinner was fun once again...I made Delmanico Steaks...yummy! And according to my mom after 2 chews it was to chewy! So every piece was put back on her plate chewed up...niiiice!!!!! I also made Augratin potatoes which she kept calling and brocolli and cauliflower...I think she had one piece of brocolli...anywho...So I bet she was hungry last night!

After dinner I had to take Lily for her costume fitting for drama. The play will be a Holiday Wizard of Oz. She is a reindeer, a Holiday League munchkin, and a Ozian. She actually has a speaking part this time too! I am so excited to see it! The reindeer costume is to dang cute! I believe it or not forgot my camera so I dont have a pic of it yet! I know RUDE! The holiday league costume was not in yet but I hear it is super cute and has wings! And the Ozian dress was hidious so she changed that and told us if we had a green dress at home to just have them wear that. Lily has everycolor christmas dress but So I am on a search for a cute one!

On a good note my mom went to bed at 830 last night and stayed there! I couldnt believe it! I guess her not sleeping is finally catching up with her! YAY!!!!!! Ok well I am off to the hospital to bring my dad home!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ok just need to add to this....apparently I can not be in the computer room and leave Logan with my mom cause she put him over the gate and into the kitchen...There is a reason he is gated out of the kitchen! LOL Oh and I am trying to look up some help for me and my parents on the Illinois Department of aging site. So far I am finding some great info! YAY

Well I guess I need to blog

So this will be weird that I am blogging now. I am sure it will be a whole lot of rambling and no sense

Where to start. I am pretty pissed that someone is taking both of my parents from me pretty much. My mother you could say isnt really here..only physical...but she is no where near my true mother. Dimensia is a sad disease and I hope I dont get it and put my children through it. I also hope one day they find a cure for it or better meds to help with it.
Then you have that bastard Cancer...yep that nasty C word. I just dont get it. My father is a wonderful man. Always keeping the peace. Like for instance last year in July when his mother passed away...the 2 sisters were at a never ending bitching fest with each dad just takes out his hearing aides so he doesnt have to be in the middle of it..that was damn funny btw. I am sad that my dad will not get to go hunting this year. He was really looking forward to it. He had missed it last year due to his sister passing away in November. Yeah thats another thing...his whole family is gettin wiped out in a year..its crazy. My brother is hoping my dad can go with him hunting...just to be out there with them for a while. Which would be nice. But I would have much rather him be ok for my wedding. I cant stand that I had to postpone the wedding...its just weird cause it wasnt even like we were planning a wedding for years... I started planning in Sept pretty much...ok I have no idea where I was going with that.....

So my day today is going ok. I had parent teacher conference for Lily. It went really well. We just need to work on her sight words more so her reading improves. The girl is really good in math and loves it! And ofcourse loves drawing and journaling.
I have a headache again...cant imagine why. I am hoping my mom likes dinner today. Last night she said it was to mushy. um ok it was a chicken and rice casserole thingy with veggies. ofcourse its
Logan has been a little whiney thing lately which doesnt help my sanity. But then he does something so dang cute and it makes my day. He still doesnt talk..I am thinking about teaching him some sign language so I know what he wants. He does understand when I tell him to do things and will do I am not to worried about him talking yet.
Captain I think needs some anxiety meds. He likes to bark loudly at me and wont let me walk anywhere outside and tries to bite me. But I dont blame the poor puppy...I havent had anytime to work on his training...and he has been outside ALOT because of my mom. So hopefully we can work on him and he will behave soon.
Well I started this blog at 3 something and just now got back to it at I can see how this blogging is going to go!! HAHA
And oh yeah the one day I can possibly make a small difference in the world and be a part of history I screw up! I couldnt go vote because I didnt know that when I moved I had to register again....RUDE!