Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well I guess I need to blog

So this will be weird that I am blogging now. I am sure it will be a whole lot of rambling and no sense making..lol

Where to start. I am pretty pissed that someone is taking both of my parents from me pretty much. My mother you could say isnt really here..only physical...but she is no where near my true mother. Dimensia is a sad disease and I hope I dont get it and put my children through it. I also hope one day they find a cure for it or better meds to help with it.
Then you have that bastard Cancer...yep that nasty C word. I just dont get it. My father is a wonderful man. Always keeping the peace. Like for instance last year in July when his mother passed away...the 2 sisters were at a never ending bitching fest with each other...my dad just takes out his hearing aides so he doesnt have to be in the middle of it..that was damn funny btw. I am sad that my dad will not get to go hunting this year. He was really looking forward to it. He had missed it last year due to his sister passing away in November. Yeah thats another thing...his whole family is gettin wiped out in a year..its crazy. My brother is hoping my dad can go with him hunting...just to be out there with them for a while. Which would be nice. But I would have much rather him be ok for my wedding. I cant stand that I had to postpone the wedding...its just weird cause it wasnt even like we were planning a wedding for years... I started planning in Sept pretty much...ok I have no idea where I was going with that.....

So my day today is going ok. I had parent teacher conference for Lily. It went really well. We just need to work on her sight words more so her reading improves. The girl is really good in math and loves it! And ofcourse loves drawing and journaling.
I have a headache again...cant imagine why. I am hoping my mom likes dinner today. Last night she said it was to mushy. um ok it was a chicken and rice casserole thingy with veggies. ofcourse its mushy...lol
Logan has been a little whiney thing lately which doesnt help my sanity. But then he does something so dang cute and it makes my day. He still doesnt talk..I am thinking about teaching him some sign language so I know what he wants. He does understand when I tell him to do things and will do it.so I am not to worried about him talking yet.
Captain I think needs some anxiety meds. He likes to bark loudly at me and wont let me walk anywhere outside and tries to bite me. But I dont blame the poor puppy...I havent had anytime to work on his training...and he has been outside ALOT because of my mom. So hopefully we can work on him and he will behave soon.
Well I started this blog at 3 something and just now got back to it at 530pm...so I can see how this blogging is going to go!! HAHA
And oh yeah the one day I can possibly make a small difference in the world and be a part of history I screw up! I couldnt go vote because I didnt know that when I moved I had to register again....RUDE!


Rebekah said...

Hang in there, Chelle! We're all praying for you!

Erika said...

yeah we r here to listen to ya!!!
i didnt knwo ur mom had dimensia, im so sorry, we will cont to pray for all of u guys! luv ya!

Jennifer said...

Even through all this rough stuff, you still have your sense of humor. Gotta love that! Stay strong mama!

If you want a little boy who never shuts up I'll get his stuff packed up for you!!

Finleypotamus said...

I am so glad you are blogging. It really is a great outlet. I am praying for your family. I am sooo sorry you have so muc on your plate and can't imagine how hard it is to have both of your parents so very sick. As for Logan, Finley doesn't talk much at all either and what he does say is like babble lol. Love ya girl!