Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh For Cry Eye...

So yesterday was a long day again. Took my mom up to the hospital to see dad...he was doing good. They took him off every We walked with him "around the block" as he likes to call it. Oh on the way to see him I stopped at every walgreens on the way to get him a Chicago Sun-Times paper...also the hospital gift shop and not a single place had them! Apparently everyone needed the paper yesterday!
On the way home I had to stop at Walgreens again to get milk and some things for the house. When we get to my mom takes the milk out of the car but then decides she is going to put it back in...apparently she was going to leave it

Dinner was fun once again...I made Delmanico Steaks...yummy! And according to my mom after 2 chews it was to chewy! So every piece was put back on her plate chewed up...niiiice!!!!! I also made Augratin potatoes which she kept calling and brocolli and cauliflower...I think she had one piece of brocolli...anywho...So I bet she was hungry last night!

After dinner I had to take Lily for her costume fitting for drama. The play will be a Holiday Wizard of Oz. She is a reindeer, a Holiday League munchkin, and a Ozian. She actually has a speaking part this time too! I am so excited to see it! The reindeer costume is to dang cute! I believe it or not forgot my camera so I dont have a pic of it yet! I know RUDE! The holiday league costume was not in yet but I hear it is super cute and has wings! And the Ozian dress was hidious so she changed that and told us if we had a green dress at home to just have them wear that. Lily has everycolor christmas dress but So I am on a search for a cute one!

On a good note my mom went to bed at 830 last night and stayed there! I couldnt believe it! I guess her not sleeping is finally catching up with her! YAY!!!!!! Ok well I am off to the hospital to bring my dad home!!!

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Jennifer said...

OMG, Scott had to pay like $15 for a newspaper on the 5th...must be a man thing to HAVE to have it after an election!