Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Luck......

So it was 2:46 this afternoon and guess where I was?? Yep thats right...we were still home!! No respite showed up!! So I call the number and they get ahold of Patty (the one in charge). So she calls me and has me refresh her memory about my parents cause she was not in the office. She asked me the name of the nurse who was suppose to come out...well I have every other name written but who was suppose to come out. So Patty says I need to go to the office and check my papers. So she calls me back and says.."I have it written here to start on Feb 28." I said "No Feb 8....2/8.....Not 2/28 fron 2pm to 8pm"..So yeah a mistake was made and we got! So I cry..then I say screw it lets go there are TV dinners in the freezer!
So we go ...but we still don't even know where we are going. We decide to go eat and find an Old Country Buffett....and Lily wants to go there cause she remembered when we went there with Velia and Diego and LOVED the corn there...lmao! So all is good there. Next stop...Chuckee Cheese....SO CROWDED....warning "DO NOT GO THERE ON SUNDAYS!" So we stay for about an hour and leave. Next stop....USA Skate Center ....... Sunday nights the have family skate from 6-9pm and for only $25 You can have 1 parent and 4 kids..and you get a pizza and a pitcher of pop. So that was great deal! IT was SO fun! Work but fun! lol And I now need to buy a pair of skates with pink flames!HA! We are going to try to go there every Sunday now...we had a blast!! We decided to hit Target on the way home to...Dennis HAS to shop when he is off work! LOL So after all it turned out to be a great evening! Pic time!!
Ok well apparently I will have to get back to the pics cause its not working for me......

A Day Off!

Well sort of...from 2pm-8pm I have respite comming here to look after my parents. So our family can go somewhere...which I have no idea where yet!! Lily wants to go to chuckee cheese...which is fine but I want to think of somewhere else to go. Maybe downtown..its in the 40's today!! Yay for a warm front! Except everything is muddy and yucky now! I like the idea of someone comming to give me a break..but I am not fond of the idea of a stranger being in my house when I am not here. She will be cooking for them I think...and hopefully give my mom a shower...this is what I was told they do. This also means I have to clean....UGH so I have about 2 hours to clean and then I will have an hour to get me and the kids ready...hmmm Well I suppose I should get on that!! Well here's to a good day I hope!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


One my most favorite Etsy shops is doing a giveaway on her blog! Happy Paper is a very talented woman! She has these WONDERFUL paper bag photo albums that are super cute! She also does custom work if needed. I have given her access to my photobucket and she picked out the best pics for my custom albums I had made for my Mother in law and Sister inlaw. I could not have been happier!

So if you are looking for a unique gift...whether it be birthday, mothers day, fathers day, wedding, or baby shower gift, Happy Paper is the place to get it! you won't be disappointed!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Great Give Away!!

So I was cruising through some of the blogs I recently found and like and found a great give away on this blog. Its a super cute Valentine card set! All you need to make your own cards! Its from an Etsy shop called Say It With Letters.They have all kinds of wood letters, card sets, embellishments, ribbons anything you would need for a scrapbooking or altering project! Check them out!


So I finally figured out how to change my background on here!! YAY!!! Oh and I know how to put buttons on too now!! Uh Oh look out blogger world!! LMAO Speaking of buttons...Jenn you need to get one please!
So today my new futon was delivered...and ofcourse Dennis hates it...but I knew that would happen...And why do they not look so big in the store? Cause this thing is huge!! It does not fit well infront of my window like I thought it would!! oops! Lily is going to be thrilled when she gets home! She is dying to sleep on it! Oh and the cushion is I will have to buy a cover for it...does not go well with my house! My walls are a deep red, my couch is a sage adding blue makes it look like a circus ring! HA! Although that is what my house feels like lately! LOL
Hmmm waht else is new..... I have been working on this nifty little craft for Valentines all my special pw friends can get one....thats if I mail it out! Cause lately I suck! And pretty soon my special friends are going to start talking about me being a HORRIBLE swap partner!! But I promise I am not usually this bad!!
I am working on getting my parents back home...hopefully REAL soon! I did get approved for respite to come out for a total of 57 hours a year! So that will be nice. I will have someone here on Sundays from 2pm-8pm so Dennis and I can take the kids somewhere and not worry about taking care of my parents. Now I just need my brother to quicly get ahold of the attorney so we can get my parents Assets straight so I can get them a homemaker at THEIR house!! YAHOOOOOO!!!! It is not safe for my kids with them here.....especially with my mom losing her temper lately. About to weeks ago she picked Logan up and threw him, and Dennis was here!!! I found pills in Lily's room from my mom....which is insane cause I watch her take them...she must hide it in her mouth. But if Logan got in there he would definately eat it thinking it's candy. NOT GOOD!
So yeah hopefully they will go back home soon!