Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh Thankyou Linda!

So Mr Logan has been a handful to say the least! HE has been having a screaming crying fest...happy happy joy joy! His crib is in our room so my dad can sleep in his room while he is here. So I go in my room last night to go to bed..and up pops Logan..I was as quiet as can be too! I also have a fan in there for him..but he still hears me. So he wakes up screaming and crying so I take him out of the crib to sleep in my bed...not what I want to start doing...anyways...he finally falls back to sleep until Dennis came home sometime after midnight. So Dennis takes him into the living room for a while....needless to say he was up alot last night and then up and rareing to go at 630am today!

Yesterday Dennis' mom called and told me if I wanted she could take the kids today for the day or overnight. So I called her today and asked if her offer was still good. She said yes!! YAY!!! So I met her half way with the kids. Poor Lily was crying that she didnt want to go. I felt horrible...cause she is fine here at the house. But I know once she gets there she will be fine. So yay no kids tonight! I told Dennis I am drinking tonight too!! HAHA I SO need some drinks! My dad can hopfully sleep better tonight to!

Well I guess thats all for now...hmm I thought I had more complain about..oh well always another day!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh you SO deserve a night off w/no kids! I just wish I could come over and help you drink!

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