Monday, December 29, 2008


If you dont like the heat in my house, the dog, my kids being loud once in a while, the left over meatloaf, the poop that my kid prolly left in the toilet...who I wouldn't expect to clean it....GO FREAKIN HOME ALREADY! Oh and why do I have to go to the store EVERY DAY?? SERIOUSLY! I am REALLY tired of.. can you get his for me...can you get me this...can you, etc.

I think I am to my drawing point where I may end up blurting stuff out I shouldnt. I need help and I hope the social worker on Wed. can help us find some help. Cause I can't do this much longer.
My kids are stressed...its NOT fair to them at all!
Dennis and I are stressed which is not good for our relationship at all.


Casey said...

HUGS HON!!!! I hope you can find a reasonable solution!! Told ya what I thought... get those no good brothers of yours to help out pronto!!!!

Velia said...

Michelle I will be calling you tomorrow now that I have your #. Big hugs to you. I hope things get better.

Jennifer said...

As always, I agree with Casey on this one...the siblings definitely need to be helping out here. I do hope the social worker was able to help you!

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