Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So I finally figured out how to change my background on here!! YAY!!! Oh and I know how to put buttons on too now!! Uh Oh look out blogger world!! LMAO Speaking of buttons...Jenn you need to get one please!
So today my new futon was delivered...and ofcourse Dennis hates it...but I knew that would happen...And why do they not look so big in the store? Cause this thing is huge!! It does not fit well infront of my window like I thought it would!! oops! Lily is going to be thrilled when she gets home! She is dying to sleep on it! Oh and the cushion is I will have to buy a cover for it...does not go well with my house! My walls are a deep red, my couch is a sage adding blue makes it look like a circus ring! HA! Although that is what my house feels like lately! LOL
Hmmm waht else is new..... I have been working on this nifty little craft for Valentines all my special pw friends can get one....thats if I mail it out! Cause lately I suck! And pretty soon my special friends are going to start talking about me being a HORRIBLE swap partner!! But I promise I am not usually this bad!!
I am working on getting my parents back home...hopefully REAL soon! I did get approved for respite to come out for a total of 57 hours a year! So that will be nice. I will have someone here on Sundays from 2pm-8pm so Dennis and I can take the kids somewhere and not worry about taking care of my parents. Now I just need my brother to quicly get ahold of the attorney so we can get my parents Assets straight so I can get them a homemaker at THEIR house!! YAHOOOOOO!!!! It is not safe for my kids with them here.....especially with my mom losing her temper lately. About to weeks ago she picked Logan up and threw him, and Dennis was here!!! I found pills in Lily's room from my mom....which is insane cause I watch her take them...she must hide it in her mouth. But if Logan got in there he would definately eat it thinking it's candy. NOT GOOD!
So yeah hopefully they will go back home soon!


Tera said...

Holy crap girl !! She threw Logan?? Yikes ! yes it is def. time to get them back home. Big Hugs momma !!

Finleypotamus said...

I am glad you got your futon in! :) I bet Lily will love it. Love your new background.

Velia said...

Ok your background just had me squinting like crazy :P. It's so nice to hear from you again. ;)