Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Day Off!

Well sort of...from 2pm-8pm I have respite comming here to look after my parents. So our family can go somewhere...which I have no idea where yet!! Lily wants to go to chuckee cheese...which is fine but I want to think of somewhere else to go. Maybe downtown..its in the 40's today!! Yay for a warm front! Except everything is muddy and yucky now! I like the idea of someone comming to give me a break..but I am not fond of the idea of a stranger being in my house when I am not here. She will be cooking for them I think...and hopefully give my mom a shower...this is what I was told they do. This also means I have to clean....UGH so I have about 2 hours to clean and then I will have an hour to get me and the kids ready...hmmm Well I suppose I should get on that!! Well here's to a good day I hope!!!


Jennifer said...

Dont worry so much about cleaning, just have a fun afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Forget the cleaning!!! I hope you all have a good day out! You and your family need some time away!

Tammy Fanara said...

Hi Michelle - Your blog is so cute! I'm new at the blog thing, and I was wondering where you got your layout?